Organization Structure

  • Annual General Meeting (AGM): the highest decision making organ of CiS-FP responsible for any changes in the organization policy and ratifying any amendments to the constitution of the organization. During each AGM the members decide on dissolving and inaugurating Zonal Coordinators. The AGM also reviews the activities of the National Advisory Board and International Advisory Board. The AGM must have at least one representative from each of the states of Nigeria
  • National Advisory Board (NAB): Nine (9) individuals comprise the NAB and they are responsible for policy formulation and receiving and reviewing every six months the activities of CiSFP
  • International Advisory Board (IAB): Nine (9) individuals comprise the IAB and they are responsible receiving and reviewing annual reports of CiS-FP and advise the organization on its contribution to international context of advocacy for family planning.
  • Board of Trustees (BOT): These are the founding members of the organization each having one vote. Every three years additional individuals are elected by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to join the Board of Trustees
  • Secretariat / Head Office: To be located in the heart of Abuja and coordinates the activities of state chapters and correspondence with all members. It must have at least a coordinator, an M&E expert and a Financial management expert.
  • Zonal Offices:¬† Coordinates the activities of state chapters and grassroots NGO members in each state. Coordinators of Zonal chapters reports every quarter to the national held
  • State Chapter: These are the lowest level of CIS-FP, they report to Zonal Offices on their performance. The state chapters will be responsible for coordinating activities of members in each state. The states chapter are responsible in building capacity of member organizations, leveraging resources, conducting advocacy and monitoring and reporting on the activities on member organizations and the communities.
  • Member Organizations: the basic unit of membership of CiS-FP, it must be registered with CAC. The membership to ¬†will mainly be grassroots organizations focused on family planning