Vision and Mission


Family planning commodities and services are widely available, accepted and accessed in all communities and families in Nigeria


Advocating for increased resources and quality services in Nigeria through collective effort of grassroots organizations and local community members


To reduce maternal and infant mortality in Nigeria


  • To conduct advocacy for enabling policies for family planning at grassroots in Nigeria
  • To increase demand for all modern methods for family planning at grassroots in Nigeria
  • To coordinate the activities of especially grassroots civil societies working in family planning in Nigeria
  • To monitor and ensure the implementation of all commitments made by Nigeria government relating to family planning and maternal health towards self-sufficiency and contraceptive security
  • Independently track and report to FP2020 secretariat on government implementation of its commitments on family planning at London Summit and similar international forums
  • Promote the achievement of Nigeria government development targets that relate to family planning (e.g. MDGs, Vision20:2020 …)
  • Hold donors and government accountable to their support to family planning in Nigeria in a transparent and accountable manne