Communication Strategy

Communications Strategy

CiSFP seeks to work at the grassroots level of states, local governments and community wards to implement its strategies and activities towards reducing maternal and child mortality through family planning.


Communications Objectives

Communications will plays a key role in meeting our strategies, goals and objectives by providing relevant and vital information to various stakeholders to support the family planning movement. While targeting policy makers and opinion leaders we hope to also reach out to the general public and CiSFP membership. Our overriding communication objective is to raise awareness, interest and action for quality family planning services and commodities by:

  • Highlighting innovative and best practices
  • Building support and togetherness among stakeholders
  • Positioning Nigeria to be a model of grassroots movement for family planning

Message Development

  • The entire approach is to make family planning as a development priority and relate it to improved health , quality of life and economic progress
  • The approach of the messaging will be focused on collective effort and “we – can – do it” spirit
  • Messages will convene wide ranging opportunities for addressing individual and collective (country level) developmental challenges through family planning
  • Messages will emphasize collaboration to understand the issues and achieve desired priorities and changes


While recognizing the roles of very important and influential stakeholders in delivering messages, we as well will encourage the involvement of benificiaies and “victims” as spokespersons. These spokespeople should be people who are sympathetic to situation of women and children and have understanding of the issues and are themselves persuasive presenters

The spokespeople should be in all cases fully equipped with accurate information about family planning and population dynamics